Stunning Painting by Self Taught Artist “Paul Falconer Poole” (1806-1879)

Paul Falconer Poole RA (1806-1879) was a well-known British painter from Bristol, famous for his subject and genre paintings.

Life and Work

Poole taught himself how to paint and became famous for his amazing use of color, poetic style, and dramatic flair. He first displayed his work at the Royal Academy when he was twenty-five, with a piece called “The Well,” which showed a scene in Naples. After a seven-year break, he exhibited again with “Farewell, Farewell” in 1837, and then with other works like “The Emigrant’s Departure,” “Hermann and Dorothea,” and “By the Waters of Babylon.”

Paintings by Paul Falconer Poole

Exploring the Artistic Legacy of “Luigi da Rios”: An Italian Artist

Luigi da Rios(1843-1892) | An Italian Genre Painter

Luigi da Rios, an Italian painter born in Ceneda, Vittorio Veneto, in 1843, left an indelible mark on the art world during his lifetime (1843 – February 1892). His artistic journey began at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where he garnered numerous accolades for his exceptional talent and dedication.

In an effort to avoid conscription into the Austrian armies, Luigi sought refuge in Florence in May 1866. Following the resolution of the conflict, he returned to Venice, focusing his artistic prowess on painting portraits, genre scenes, and historical subjects.