Nihâl Chand (1710–1782) A Glimpse into his Rajasthani Masterpieces

Nihâl Chand (1710–1782) was a famous Indian painter and poet known for his beautiful paintings. He worked as the main painter in the royal court of Kishangarh when Savant Singh, also known as Nagari Das, was the ruler.

Krishna Celebrates Holi with Radha and the Gopis, 1750–60 by Nihal Chand
Krishna Celebrates Holi with Radha and the Gopis, 1750–60 by Nihal Chand

Nihâl Chand artist is most famous for a special group of paintings he made for Raja Savant Singh. These paintings have a unique style and usually show the king and Bani Thani as Lord Krishna and Radha. They are considered some of the best examples of Rajasthani miniature paintings.

What makes these Rajasthani paintings even more special is that they are quite large for miniature paintings, measuring about 19 by 14 inches (48 x 36 cm). Nihâl Chand was a devoted follower of Vallabha, who had a philosophy centered around Lord Krishna. This philosophy is often reflected in his paintings, where he portrays Lord Krishna with light blue skin.

Nihâl Chand began working in Kishangarh sometime between 1719 and 1726. His paintings continue to be admired for their beauty and the deep spiritual meaning they convey.

Nihal chand
Krishna and Radha, opaque watercolor and gold on cotton, 1750, By Nihal Chand
Radha Krishna on the boat of love
Radha and Krishna in the boat of love by Nihal Chand
Radha Bani Thani painting by Nihal Chand
Bani Thani Painting by Nihal Chand – National Museum, New Delhi
Nihal chand paintings
Raja Savant Singh and Bani Thani as Krishna and Radha, 1760, by Nihal Chand
Radha Krishna by Nihal Chand
Rajput Painting by Nihal Chand, 18th Century

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