Fishing in spring the Pont de Clichy (Asnieres)by Vincent Van Gogh

In this painting, Vincent Van Gogh used tiny dots and thick dashes of colors like yellow, lavender, and green. He painted a place near the Seine River, a spot that many other artists liked to paint too. In the picture, you can see a fisherman wearing blue pants, a yellow-brown shirt, and a black hat. He’s holding a fishing pole in his hand, and he’s standing near the Seine River with a bridge called the Pont de Clichy in the background.

Fishing in spring the Pont de Clichy (Asnieres)by Vincent Van Gogh
Fishing in spring the Pont de Clichy (Asnieres)by Vincent Van Gogh

The river is painted with different shades of blue, from dark blue to light blue, and it looks like the water is flowing. The same shades of blue are also used for the fisherman’s pants and under the bridge.

You can see the reflection of the riverbank in the water. It’s made up of different colors like lavender, cobalt blue, green, peach, and blue. These colors make the reflection look like it’s coming towards you.

In the painting, there are some boats tied to poles in the river. The poles are brown and wavy, and they look like they’re stuck into the riverbed. It seems like people used these poles to anchor their boats.

There are two tree trunks in the painting, and you can see their bare tops in yellow. The trunks have small dots and dashes in red, green, and black, which give them details and make them look lifelike. The trees provide shade to the scene and make it feel peaceful.

In the distance, there are vague figures crossing the bridge. The leaves of the trees are green and yellow, and they frame the fisherman in the middle. He looks calm and relaxed, waiting for a catch.

This painting can be seen at the Art Institute in Chicago. It’s a good example of how Vincent Van Gogh’s style changed over time, influenced by his friend Paul Signac. They both painted near the Seine River, and this painting shows that influence.

Even though the bridge and the place have changed, you can still find where Vincent stood to paint this scene. It’s near the Quai de Clichy, across from Asnières.

This artwork is done with oil paints on canvas, and it’s a beautiful piece of art that captures a tranquil moment by the river.

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